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Man in the garden writing on a laptop for Carts and Tools

Contributing to Field Notes on Carts and Tools

So it’s Saturday afternoon and you have a deep burning desire to write an article about any of the following:

    • How well your kale is growing and how much you sold today at the farmers market
    • How disappointed you are in your gas powered rototiller
    • The new cucumber salad recipe you made from what you got in your CSA box
    • Why you choose to farm and not use your engineering degree
    • Your new “money” crop, Spanish leeks
    • Getting signatures for a ballot measure to ban GMO’s
    • Your new hoop house or how you wish you had one
    • Improving your soil’s tilth
    • Buying local

Underneath your calm exterior is a budding journalist and you have a story to tell. The problem is, you don’t really have any place to tell it. The dog doesn’t even listen to you, let alone read your writing.

Here is some good news!

Carts and Tools is looking for contributors who are passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable agriculture and healthy food. If this sounds like you, then check out our page about contributing to our Field Notes area.

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