Ventilate your Hoop House and Win a Tillie

Greenhous from Southern Willamette Farm Corps Facebook page

Do you have a great hoop house?

Our friends at Growing for Market are holding a passive hoop house ventilation solution contest. If you have a great non-electric system for ventilating your hoop house, be it roll-up sidewalls, roof vents, or something entirely invented– submit your design to Growing for Market for your chance to win a Tillie and to be featured in the new edition of The Hoophouse Handbook.

To enter, you must be a Growing for Market subscriber and the designer or builder of the ventilation system.

A hoop house can be a great asset to a small farmer, it allows for an extended growing season and is a great place to protect fragile crops from late frosts. Good ventilation is key for temperature control and a productive hoop house.

Even the very best hoop house can be better with a Tillie: it can weed between rows, shape beds, and of course, till! On top of all of that, it is smooth, silent, and odorless, which is a welcome change from traditional tillers in an enclosed space like a hoop house. You don’t have to take our word for it though, read Growing for Market’s review of Tillie in the May issue.

We’ll be looking for innovative hoop house in The Hoophouse Handbook when it is published later this year, hopefully one of them will be yours!


Read more about the contest here.

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