The Blackberry is a Fruit Not a Phone

photo of a blackberryA recent study done in the UK, 82 percent of people aged 16-24 instantly thought of a mobile phone rather than a fruit, when asked what a Blackberry was. We all know how technology has crept into our society and it probably isn’t surprising that of the people polled, only 11 percent saw farming as the career they’d most like to work in. And this is Great Britain, BTW.

Small scale farming as a viable life profession.

So why would I start my first article on Carts and Tools with such a downer statistic from some  small body of land across the Atlantic?  Well for one, they have a “Farming Minister” who’s job is to care about “Farming” and not big, huge agro-industrial businesses. Secondly, I think the stats would be even more depressing here in the US.  On the flip side, more people are becoming interested in not only where their food is coming from but who is growing it. Importantly, the trend is that more and more younger people are seeing small scale farming as a viable life profession.

Carts and Tools is a company founded for a socioeconomic reason.  Sure, we’re a for profit business but we believe in a few things. Things like local and sustainable.  Small farms and the people trying to make a living on them. Community Supported Agriculture. Dirt. We don’t only just make cool tools and carts, we use them.  We believe that a couple of people on a couple of acres should be able to farm it and make an honest living.

If that sounds like you, then please sign up for our email list or call us. Just use your phone and not a fruit.

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