Thank a Farmer for Your Dinner

Picking Vegetables

I have come to the realization that freedom and convenience are contradicting terms. It started when I began to imagine what the world was like in pre-historic times when food grew naturally. When you were hungry you had to go out to go out to get food whether that be hunting or foraging. So if you were hungry you could essentially walk outside and grab a plant or hunt something down. That sounds like freedom to me.

Today, food is provided for me by the network of farmers, grocery stores, wholesales and restaurants. While this sounds convenient it’s led me to the realization that today there is no free food. If I want to eat I have to pay someone to provide it for me. I have to go to a restaurant, or the grocery store. I have to pay for every single meal and piece of food that I put in my mouth because I opted out of growing my own. As I was thinking through this, my initial rogue reaction was be angered that I was revoked of earth’s gift of food, but I chose it for myself. I chose not to be a farmer and to let someone else do the work for me.

Thank a farmer

That drew the conclusion for me that farmers are free. They are free because they chose to work hard in order to be self-reliant. I envy those who provide for themselves and their communities. I also thank them for choosing a path of dedication and perseverance in order to support me so that I can have the convenience of purchasing my food. Some day I will save enough time in my life to be self-sufficient and experience that feeling of freedom. Until then, I will thank a farmer… and start a garden.

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