Solus V2 – The Electric Wheel Hoe


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Solus ships with the tool bar and 12″ stirrup hoop. You can add even more accessories including a 6″ hoop, gauge wheel, and/or a Glaser adapter plate (use your Glaser tools with Solus).

Lithium batteries are required to be shipped as dangerous goods. We want you to know that Carts and Tools Supply is 100% compliant with these regulations to ensure safety for everyone. These regulations and requirements require a shipping surcharge be added to lithium battery purchases.

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    Order an extra battery for all day use. A dangerous goods shipping charge is applied for the 15Ah battery.

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Our Solus Wheel Hoe is a blend of tried and true functionality coupled with an innovative design (plus we added an electric motor). This battery powered tool almost makes weeding fun. Ships with a Carts and Tools 12 inch stirrup hoe and the versatile tool bracket accepts multiple wheel hoe accessories including other brands. Use Solus for

  • Weeding
  • Furrowing
  • Cultivating
  • Planting

Solus’ patent pending design helps to take the time and effort out of hoeing. Now you can get a little free time and enjoy that glass of lemonade on the porch before the sun sets down.

A Strong Performer

Don’t let the elegance of Solus fool youthis is a powerful tool. The hub motor takes the workload out of hard, tiring tasks.

Solus enables you to work smarter and not harder. Plus, the toolbar bracket accommodates most wheel hoe accessories, meaning you don’t need to throw out your old tools.

Sadly, your old wheel hoe’s new job will be to lean up against the barn and pose for photos.

A Professional Quality

Much like bridging the gap between horse and tractor, Solus provides value to the farmer.

Today, many farmers still rely on ancient-style hand tools because modern machinery has not met their farming quality needs. With Solus, you still have the technique and quality standards of a hand tool, but with the assisted power of a machine.

It’s time to start farming as if we have learned something over the last 2000 years – but let’s not lose what works as we do it.

A Sharp Design

Take a standard wheel hoe, add a powerful motor, a rugged tire for traction, and a hardened steel stirrup and you have yourself a powered wheel hoe.

Now let an engineer design it so that it’s not detrimental to the environment, is lightweight and easy to handle, and actually works well and you’ll have the Solus wheel hoe.

Steam bent oak handles, hardened steel, 24 volt battery power and quality engineering make this tool one you can rely on.


Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 10 in

24 Volt DC cordless


24 V Brushless DC


Rated to 60 volts & 1000 watts, Excess current and low voltage calibration, Motor phase self-calibration, Build-in redundancy, Highly reliable


Swappable Lithium Battery, On-off key, Built in Battery Management System


2 Amp 24 volt with indicator light


Hall effect low voltage


Red Oak with steam bent plow style grips, Linseed oil finish, Thru-tensioned crossbrace


Lithium Battery 24V 10Ah, Lithium Battery 24V 15Ah

Additional Battery

Lithium 24V 15Ah, Order an Additional Battery


Select Your Accessories, 6" Stirrup Hoop, Glaser Adapter Plate, Gauge Wheel, 6" Stirrup & Glaser Adapter, 6" Stirrup & Gauge Wheel, Glaser Adapter & Gauge Wheel, 6" Stirrup, Glaser Adapter & Gauge Wheel



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Trouble Free

The motor (engine) is a 24 V, 1000 W electric direct drive motor integrated into the Wheel Hoe. This means that there are no gears, belts, linkages or any other additional elements that could fail or break. These brushless hub motors feature permanent high quality neodymium magnets and a fixed armature. The advantages include including more torque per weight, more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability, reduced noise and a longer lifetime. The system is nearly maintenance free and very quiet.

Easy to use

No gas can, no mixing oil and fuel, no choke, no carburetor to gum up, no spark plug to foul (ever notice how they put the spark plug in a place you can barely get to anyways?). Oh, we almost forgot, no pulling on a rope until your shoulder falls off.

Better for you and the environment

Who likes the smell of gasoline on their hands or exhaust fumes in their nose? Granted, some electricity isn't as clean as is could be but overall electricity is much better than fossil fuels. Plus, you will be able use a solar panel for charging, affording you the most sustainable tiller on the market.