Lebanese Lemonade; Tastes Like Candy

Turning water into something more
This lemonade recipe is based off of a lebanese lemonade that I had at a hole in the wall restaurant in Portland OR- Abu-Rasheed Lebanese Restaurant. I was hesitant to try it at first but the server was insistant that it was the best drink on the menu!
When I first tried Lebanese Lemonade I had no idea what to expect and was amazed at how familiar the flavor was to me. At first I was thinking Starbursts because it was so juicy tasting, but then I recognized the nostalgic taste was Skittles, a childhood favorite of mine. Without a doubt- Lemon. My friend ended up stealing my drink and I had to order another one for myself.
It would be great to see if we could make all of the flavors of skittle like Orange and Strawberry by adding some zest or puree of fresh fruits from the Farmers Market. Strawberry Skittle Lemonade anyone?

Lebanese Lemonade; Tastes Like Candy

PrepTime:10 minutes | Yield:1 liter pitcher


  • 6-8 Organic Lemons (1c. worth of Juice)
  • 1c. Cold Water
  • 1c. Rose Water
  • 1c. Orange Blossom Water
  • 3/4c. Organic Cane Sugar
  • 1/2c. Raw Agave
  • Some Ice


Juice your lemons. Mix Everything Together and Stir.

All of these measurements can vary depending on how you like your lemonade to taste.
One tip I learned when I made it is that I preferred more Orange Blossom Water. The more sugar and agave I added the more it tasted like a Skittle because it was as sweet as candy, but I like my lemonade a little more on the sour side so I topped it off with extra lemon juice. No matter how you mix it, it is going to taste great.

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