How Important Is Efficiency?

An Elegant Picture of Sand Timers

How Important Is Efficiency?

A gift you cannot package, cannot buy more of
A gift that you can manage, one that you and others love
Is Time

No matter how rich or poor, it is your greatest currency
but it only diminishes, never grows and provokes a sense of urgency

How can you put a price on the only factor we can’t affect?
You can’t, we must choose which factors to regret, off-set, neglect

Give your greatest gift to what you love – don’t waste a second
Don’t reflect when time is poor and realize you wrongly reckoned

Be stingy and cheap and save all the time you can
so you can gift it to others- That’s the gift that makes you a man
or woman

P.S. Don’t put a price on efficiency and convenience. Turn it in to time for life to happen.

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