Honeyhill Organic Farm in Upstate New York

HoneyHill Organic Farm Old Tractor

Soil is our most valued resource

One of the best things that happens at Carts and Tools is when a farmer calls us up and starts asking questions about Tillie. We got a great call today from Honeyhill Organic Farm located in Upstate New York. First thing you always have to do is talk about the weather and you all should know it was about 0 degrees there this morning.

Then we start talking about the farm, how they farm, what they grow, and all the other good stuff. Honeyhill is a nice looking farm; we visited their website right after we got off the phone. A 50 acre organic farm, originally settled in 1848, its been owned and farmed by Fred and Sue Forsburg since 1978. Fred was quick to point out their garlic production and that they ship it as far away as to some place 100 miles north of Anchorage, AK. They’re pretty big on heirloom tomatoes and humanely raised meat as well.

We applaud their growing philosophy, this is from their website.

“At Honeyhill Farm, we believe that all food is not created equal and that quality cannot result from dreadful and hasty methodology. We grow food by best practices.”

They sell produce and meat on the farm, at local farmers markets and quality restaurants. They have 5 high tunnels and using their 1979 tiller (gas of course) inside them isn’t a great solution. We think Tillie is perfect for hoop houses and everything else of course.

So be sure check out Honeyhill Organic Farm and our videos of Tillie in action on YouTube.

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