Growing Herbs Indoors


When you’re a city dweller you often don’t have a proper yard for, well, anything. A garden plot is almost certainly out of the question.  Hey, here is a bright idea, what about growing herbs indoors?

hanging herb garden

If you can’t join a community garden in the city (or already have and just want a little green in your own home) there are some fantastic options for space savers who want to harvest their own herbs any time of the year. Most of our favorite kitchen herbs are happy in small containers anyway, great news for a gardener short on space, or stamina. As long as you have a access to sunlight, use the watering can once in a while and have a little patience you can have your own small scale herb garden in no time.

The most creative one I’ve come across is the herbs in a shoe organizer. Hang in on a wall outside or indoors to take maximum advantage of vertical space. This low-maintenance herb garden can be great for informal collections of your favorite herbs for your kitchen.

Easy Indoor Herbs

Try these herbs out in your herb garden, wherever it may be!

Start basil from seeds and place the pots in a south-facing window, it likes lots of sun and warmth.

Bay Leaf
Bay Leaf is a perennial that grows well in containers all year long. But be sure it does not get crowded,  it needs a lot of air circulation to remain healthy.

Chives starter

Dig up a clump of chives from your garden at the end of the growing season and pot it up inside.

Your best bet is to start with a tip cutting from an outdoor oregano plant. The best place for it is near a south-facing window.

Start with a snippet of rosemary when planting, and keep it in moist soilless mix until it roots.

Start Parsley from seeds or dig up a clump from your garden at the end of the season. Parsley is a sun fanatic, so give it lots of light.

Take a tip cutting from an outdoor plant to start an indoor sage. It tolerates dry, indoor air well, but, like Parsley, it needs the strong sunlight to thrive.

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