Gathering Together for a Better Community

Gathering Together Demo Tillie Carts and Tools

Tillie in some tough dirt at Gathering Together

The Carts and Tools team visited the Gathering Together Farms to demonstrate to the owner, John Eveland, the power of our products. As we were walking out onto a recently planted lettuce patch drying in the beating sun, John tells us

You guys are getting the worst of the worst conditions on the farm

Our founder Michael McGowen replies; “We don’t want an easy challenge.”

A wise old professor once told me the easiest way to sell something is to let the product do all the work. With this product showing, I was able to see this come to life…

Gathering Together Farms is a family owned and operated enterprise that began in 1987. The farm is located south of Philomath, Oregon sporting a total of 60 acres of farmland. John Eveland runs the operation with his wife and 3 daughters. Each year, Gathering Together Farms sell over 50 types of organic vegetables with over 300 varieties. Gathering Together Farms have a thriving Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership program which includes 320 households in Corvallis, Philomath, Portland, and Newport.

As the demonstration continued, you could witness the transition between skepticism to possibility of what the Tillie has to offer. After tearing up the soil in the lettuce, John took us to plot of kale and leeks that had been suffering from the same arid conditions.This was no problem for the Tillie. While John was commenting on the combination of power and versatility in our product, he couldn’t believe that this could be coming from an electric powered machine.

When the demonstration was over, we walked back to our cars and took some time to talk. John wanted to reiterate to us that he was impressed with the Tillie.

There is a true need for a product that can do what this can do.

Although business transactions were not made as of yet, we had a great opportunity to connect with some hard working, respectable people who appreciated the technology behind the Tillie.

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