Garden Planning for the Season

Spring Garden-4

As you head to the farmers markets this week and wander amongst the mouth-watering produce, feeling the rise of spring and eyeing this season’s bounty, you may also experience a tinge of guilt—have you had time to start your garden this season?  While some of us do our garden planning while it’s snowing, some of us also tend to procrastinate a tiny bit.

Here at Carts and Tools we want to help you make the most out of this season, and bring the gardener out of each one of you. Throughout the season we will share tips and advice for your own home gardening projects, so you can make this year’s bounty the best ever.

Whether it’s herbs, veggies, fruits, a window box, home garden plot or a shared community garden, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your garden grow.

Now that May Day has passed, and we’ve had our first week of sunny days, it’s about time to start playing in the dirt!

Grab your hoe and shears; it’s time to start planting! Here are some easy steps to have “Green Thumb” fun this springtime season.

Find Inspiration

Head to your local farmers market or green house for inspiration on this year’s planting season. Mingling with your local gardeners will help you to learn what crop varieties are best at this time of year and will get you excited about planting in your patch!

Plan your Schedule

Create your own calendar for when to sow seeds and when to expect a harvest. Different fruits and vegetables should be sown and grown at different times of the year, and highly depend of your region’s climate. Talk to your local farmers and search online for tips on growing schedules.  In the Pacific NW, the best crops to sow in-ground currently are corn, melons, squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers according to the Farmer’s Almanac.  Portland Nursery has a wonderful Veggie calendar too.

Make your beds / Prep Your Pots

Start by tilling your old bed, rake out weeds and residues from last season, except rhubarb (this survivor will keep most all year). If using pots, be sure to clean each pot thoroughly with soap and water to avoid mold or plant disease. If you sign up for our Carts and Tools email newsletter, you will also get a 30-day free trial to a fantastic on-line garden planner, so get going.

Sow your Seeds

Make sure to sow your seeds far enough apart to promote root growth. Depending on climate, seeds may need to be started inside and transferred outside after it warms up. Keep the soil damp but remember not to overwater seedlings.

Hardening Off

When transferring plants grown from seed indoors, they need to be gradually exposed to the outside world. Place them outdoors in indirect sunlight for a couple hours each day. Everyday, increase their outside time gradually and they will eventually become acclimated to the outside world.

Have Some Fun!

Try to vary up your plant’s home. Add dirt to an old shoe, make a hanging herb garden out of recycled bottles and jars. The more creative you are, the more fun you’ll have!

Last but not least, follow our blog and we will give you tips throughout the season to enhance your growing experience!

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