Do you sell wholesale

Cart and Tools sells wholesale to select accounts who match our values and provide goods and services to similar customers.

You can find our wholesale application here. 

Do You Ship to Other Countries

We get a lot of requests to ship outside the US and Canada.

We’ve shipped tools to other countries on occasion. There are several things to consider.

  1. We can’t offer a full warranty on tools shipped outside the US and Canada. We do offer troubleshooting via video conferencing if anything should go wrong. We’re proud of the fact that our tools rarely, and we mean, rarely have any problems.
  2. Shipping can be expensive. The last tool we sent to Switzerland was $220 USD for shipping.
  3. We don’t ship the Lithium battery and instead have you order on-line from our battery supplier.
  4.  You are responsible for any other charges occurred on the receiving end and we don’t know what those fees can be.

If you are interested in talking further with us about having our Tillie or Solus sent to a far away place, please use the contact form on our questions page to start the conversation.



Which Tillie should I buy?

Another great question.

It depends on your needs and style of farming.

Our Tillie A with the 36V 10Ah battery is excellent for most jobs around the farm. The 36V 15Ah battery gives you 50% more battery life and a little more power when you need it.

Our Tillie V2 adds an offset head which swings 30 degrees each way. This allows you to till areas without walking on them and is more useful for cultivating between rows. Tillie is about 6 inches wide so if you plant crops 8 inches apart or more, the offset head will allow you to cultivate between the rows.

Our Tillie V2T adds our toolbar and mounting brackets which allows you to attach accessories. Adding a 6 inch stirrup is a favorite of many farmers here in Oregon because the tiller will cultivate and the stirrup cuts everything that didn’t get pulled up. Also, the gauge wheel is a favorite to help keep the tilling depth constant so that Tillie acts more like a tilther. This is useful for preparing seed beds and incorporating mulch into the top layer of your beds.

How long does a battery last?

That is a great question without an easy answer.

It depends on the voltage and amperage of the battery and how you are using the tool.

A 36V 10Ah battery on Tillie will last between 45 minutes and 90 minutes. If you are doing heavy tilling, going back and forth with Tillie to break up harder soil, expect 45 minutes or so. If you are making raised beds in medium soil, expect about 60 minutes, and if you are just cultivating, with Tillie at a slow speed, removing weed, you’ll get about 90 minutes.

Solus has a 24V battery but can last much longer since you are usually going up and down rows with a stirrup hoe, you may get 2 hours or more.

The lithium batteries are rated for 2000 complete discharges and charges. So they will last 5 years or longer.