Broadfork Farm and Market Food Club CSA

Bryan Dyck and Shannon Jones

Broadfork Farm & Market Food Club CSA

Bryan Dyck and Shannon Jones of Broadfork Farm

We’re going to highlight some of the CSA’s that are entering our “Marketing Your CSA – Win a Professional Marketing Plan for your CSA” contest. We invite you to check out their websites, like their Facebook pages and any other social media platforms they might be using. Give em’ some love.

Our first entry is special for a lot of reasons. First, they’re international (new friends from up North) Canada to be exact. Secondly, they are in a really cool area. They have 15 acres in Nova Scotia, close to New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy so they are about as far away from us here in Corvallis, Oregon as possible. Thirdly, they are 2 young farmers making 100% of their living from the farm and are in their 4th year. They are certified organic and 2014 will be the second year for their CSA named Market Food Club.

Broadfork Farm fermented vegetables in jars

Broadfork Farm is just plain cool. They did some workshops last year on lacto-fermentation at events hosted by 3 groups, Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, Slow Food Cocagne Acadie, and Transition Cocagne (in Cocagne, BTW if you hadn’t guessed yet) and the pictures of the jars of fermented vegetables look awesome.

They have a great website and over 1600 Facebook fans. Shannon and Bryan are living the dream so check them out….

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