The Art of Simple

The Art of Simple

Think and act local

I always have a lot of thoughts and ideas to communicate here through Field Notes but sometimes its just simpler to find someone who has already written what I’m thinking. The writing is usually better anyways.

I was on Facebook, looking through the Carts and Tools feed and came across a re-post by Front Porch Farm up in Addy, Washington. They had shared the picture I’ve put here from a recent blog post from The Art of Simple. The blog post makes some great arguments for buying local, something near and dear to me, so I immediately jumped over to The Art of Simple to see what had been written.

The Art of Simple has been publishing stories and practical tips about simple living since 2008. Looks to me that they have about 25 writers contributing so the content is varied and diverse. The post that caught my eye was titled “Think and act local” and was written by Tsh Oxenreider. Small world, Tsh lives in Bend with her husband and children, just over the mountains from here in Corvallis and is the founder of The Art of Simple.

Tsh is much more articulate in expressing her reasons to buy local than I would be. This quote from her clearly demonstrates that.

“There’s something special about supporting a café, a shop, a service where the owners are literal neighbors and your money goes literally to your community. Sounds cliché, but it’s true—buying local really, truly does matter.

I encourage you to read her post, , explore The Art of Simple site, take a look at Tsh’s personal blog site and most of all, buy local whenever you can. All of the links are below.

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