Young girl taking notes in a greenhouse

Contributing writers of all ages wanted!

Carts and Tools is looking for contributors who are passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable agriculture and healthy food. So if you have something to say or a story that you are aching to tell that could benefit our readers, small farmers, agro-entrepreneurs and others, let us know!

You might be a young aspiring greenhorn farmer (maybe your parents are) or an experienced greybeard with decades of dirt on your hands. You could be an agriculture student or recent grad with a penchant for journalism or a farmer interested in sustainable agriculture methods. Maybe you are a market farmer, run a CSA or an educational farm, are an urban agriculture enthusiast, or just a small farm junky.

Areas of interest

Carts and Tools is looking for original articles/posts for our Field Notes section that fall under these topics.

  • Small Farms
  • Farmers Markets
  • Sustainability
  • Kitchen Gardens & Recipes
  • Urban Farming
  • Compost Pile (kind of a catch-all)

Let us know you are interested