A Big Electric Tiller Announcement

We wanted to make our announcement first thing this morning but as it turns out, Apple had a new product announcement scheduled today as well. Being a good corporate citizen is tough sometimes but we felt it was only fair to let Apple announce their new products first. So by now you have all seen the new iPad Air, the new MacBook Pros, Maverick and the stunning iPad Mini with the retina display and it’s Carts and Tools time in the spotlight.

Tillie with Offset Head and Solar Panel Carts and Tools

Offset Head Tillie and New Solar Panel Charging Options

We’re giving you a sneak preview of our newest Tillie™ electric tiller with the new offset head design.  Now you can pivot the handles off to either side and not walk on your freshly tilled soil. How is that for innovation?

Wait, there’s more. In our never ending pursuit of giving the small scale farmer and backyard grower multiple options we’ll be introducing 36 volt models into our lineup.

You are probably also wondering what that big thing is behind the new Tillie? Oh, that’s our new solar charging panel.  In field tests, on a sunny day, it will recharge a battery pack in about the same time as plugging the battery pack into the wall charger.  How is that for sustainable?

You will see new products up on the website this week so stay tuned.  We’ll let you know when they are up with a Facebook post.

We also wanted to show you our fantastic photographer, David Bassett, who makes Carts and Tools products look even more awesome.  If you need great business photography, Bassett Studios is a great place to start.

BTW, we love Apple and figure it’s important to note that all of their names are trademarked, just like ours.

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